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At Vein Treatment Institute of NJ,
it’s all about you.

While my patients appreciate that I have outstanding professional credentials, it’s equally important to them that I really care about what they’re going through. I’ll spend considerable time with you and do everything I can to put you at ease. A big part of that involves educating you about your condition and what treatment options are available to you.

Our treatment plans are tailored to your unique needs.

The first thing I ask my patients is what outcome they want from their treatment. Do you just want symptom relief or are you looking for a full cosmetic result? Knowing this helps me individualize your treatment plan.

On your first visit, I’ll examine you and explain about venous disease in language you can understand. No “Doctor Speak.” At most vein centers, an ultrasound technologist will take a scan of your legs. In addition to being a vascular physician, I am also a board-certified radiologist and registered vascular technologist. So I’ll perform the scan myself and show you the problem areas. That will give us a better idea as to which treatment or combination of treatments will produce the best results.

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